AMP Rowing Services: 

• Athlete coaching
Sculling and Rowing Camps
• Coach mentoring
• Guest coaching
• Camp support
Regatta and Event Organization
Coastal Rowing Coaching
• Technical workshops
• Governance support
• Training program design
• Workshops
• Para Rowing development
• On-line support -video, etc

AMP Rowing

AMP Rowing partners have been involved in all aspects of rowing at all levels. In addition, AMP Rowing has an extensive network of expert consultants from nutrition, to biomechanics to physiology who can help with all or any of your needs.

If you need support to run a training camp, or help with designing a training program, or anything else to help you meet your rowing goals, contact AMP Rowing.

What our Clients Say: 

"AMP Rowing provides a great menu of services to help athletes, coaches and clubs”
"AMP Rowing coaches have definitely helped me become a better athlete" 

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